Other types of work

TOV ZV Gidrospetsbud - Other types of work

  • Monitoring of buildings and structures using an automatic or local measuring and information system “Мониторинг” (“Monitoring”)
  • Drilling wells under water
  • Well-drilling is carried out using small-sized machines weighing up to 5 tons (it is possible to feed the truck crane over the fence to the fenced landscaped area) with the possibility of drilling up to 150 m including rocks, water-saturated, unstable soils with video taping of rocks.

  • Leveling of buildings and structures using the method of soil drilling, jacking system
  • Geophysical surveys of soils by the georadar EasyRad GPR PRO Plus
  • Pile diagnostics using acoustic defectoscopy by the Pile Integrity Tester PIT-W (USA) software and hardware suite