TOV (limited liability company) ZV GIDROSPETSBUD has its own technical base, drilling and other construction equipment to ensure the implementation of various types of work, with varying degrees of complexity.

The main equipment and mechanisms of TOV (limited liability company) ZV GIDROSPETSBUD:

  • Drilling rigs Bauer BG-36 with casing oscillator BV1500 HD-07;
  • Bauer BG-25 with casing oscillator BV1500 HD-07;
  • Mobile concrete mixing plant VOYAGER 90 with a capacity of 90 m3 per hour;
  • Mobile concrete mixing plant (unit) EUROMIX 75 with a capacity of 75 m3 per hour;
  • Schnell GTM 200/1100/14E machines for the manufacture of round reinforcement pile frames;
  • Automated machine MEP (Italy) for the manufacture of round (cylindrical) reinforcing pile frames;
  • Starke diesel hammer (3 tons, 103 kJ), SP 77 (2.5 tons, 59 kJ), SP 76 (1.8 tons 42 kJ);
  • Drilling rigs based on MKG-25 (CFA technology, drilled);
  • Core drilling machines;
  • Putzmeister-1407 concrete pump with a capacity of 70 m3 per hour;
  • Putzmeister-1005 concrete pump with a capacity of 53 m3 per hour;
  • SANY concrete pump based on the Merceds car with a capacity of 120 m3 per hour;
  • Concrete mixer HOWO with a capacity of 8 m3;
  • Inventory-panel formwork “GIPRO”;
  • Mounting cranes MKG-25 (tower-boom luffing jib 20 m and hard jib 5 m);
  • Geko diesel generators;
  • Compressors PKSD-5m3, PKSE-5 m3;
  • Atlas Copco compressor;
  • Frame vibro-hammers;
  • Boring pumps NB-32, NB-4, SO-48;
  • Mortar-mixing machines RM-2000;
  • Diamond drilling machine HILTI;
  • Caterpillar shovel HITACHI ZX 210 LC;
  • Excavating machine CATERPILLAR 325PL;
  • Excavating machine KAMATSU PC 290 NLC – 8;
  • Excavating machine HITACHI ZX 160 LC;
  • Trucks, vehicle-mounted cranes, welding stations, jackhammers, drills, etc.